Sample Standard Study

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This entry includes the materials for a sample research pool study. All materials in this sample study are the standard materials for research pool studies. The study includes: 

  • Startpage
  • Consent
  • Realstart
  • IAT instructions page
  • Race IAT
  • JSP questionnaire
  • Dropdown HTML questionnaire
  • Radio button HTML questionnaire
  • Textbox HTML questionnaire
  • Textarea HTML questionnaire
  • Radio grid HTML questionnaire
  • Checkbox HTML questionnaire
  • Lastpage
  • Debriefing

Please note that the sample study contains examples of various kinds of tasks, but does NOT include an initial instructions page or any "guidepost" pages that tell the participant where they are in the study. It is strongly recommended that such instructions be included in your research studies.

You can view the sample study at

To view each task separately, visit