Who To Contact for Help

You're having problems with the research process at PI. Who do you contact?

For problems with the research design environment (RDE), dev2 server: Andy Dzikiewicz

For problems with the or the study submission/removal process,  Rick Klein

For problems programming a task: Your labmates, the PI help listserv,  Calvin Lai, or  Yoav Bar-Anan

  • Rough order of who you should go to first: Labmates/PI help listserv, Calvin Lai, Yoav Bar-Anan
  • The PI help listserv is an informal group of PI researchers who share info about how to program tasks. If you'd like to get onto listserv, contact Liz Redford <lizzie.redford@gmail.com>.

For general problems building studies (e.g., making a mgr file): Calvin Lai

For this website: Calvin Lai