A Brief History of Project Implicit

The following are some notable dates and events in Project Implicit's history.

1990’s: Emergence of implicit social cognition

1995: Tony Greenwald invents the Implicit Association Test

1998: Launch of education “Demo” website at Yale and University of Washington

1999: Addition of Oracle database to collect trial-by-trial data

2000: Establishment of core study design framework for expanding study building capacity

2001: First contract project for another lab

2002: Server relocation to Harvard (https://implicit.harvard.edu/)

2002: 1st publication with web data

2003: Launch of research site

2003: 5-year NIH grant

2004: First international website (France)

2005: Project Implicit incorporates as a non-profit

2005: alpha release of Virtual Lab/RDE

2005: >1 million completed study sessions in year

2006: Redesign of core study design framework

2006: Internationalization with template system

2007: 10th publication with web data

2009: 20th publication with web data

2009: Expansion of contributing labs

2010: Demo site offered in 22 languages

2011: More than 11 million completed study sessions

2011: First comprehensive training week

2011: PIMH Launch (projected)