Time-Sensitive Tasks (Implicit Measures)

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The IAT task that is used in studies in Project Implicit was implemented using Flash technology. Someone programmed a Flash applet that knows how to run an IAT. When you design a study, you can add an IAT task by simply adding the following line to your experimet (expt) file:

<Task id="iatrace1" file="iatrace1.xml">/common/en-us/html/iattask5.jsp</Task>   

This line means that the task "iatrace1" would be a combination of the file iattask5.jsp and the file iatrace1.xml. The file iattask5.jsp already exists. It is the file that knows how to run an IAT. The file iatrace1.xml is your file: the one that defines the specific IAT task. It defines the categories, their stimuli, what categories appear in each block, and more.   

The IAT is not the only implicit measure that Project Implicit can administer. There are a few other implicit measure. You can find more information about these measures, and also demonstrations in this page